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Friday, 18 July 2014

Well i have done it!!

Well here I am, I've only gone and done it! I got brave and started my blog. The plan is to post at least once a week with my cross stitch progress on my many WIP's and maybe other craft stuff. There also be many ramblings about what is going on in my world as well.

So first of all a bit about me...........not too much to say I suppose (hate talking about myself) but I will try. I'm 37 (38 on the 17th of August just in case you want to buy me a gift *heeheehe*), and have been stitching for about a yr and a half. I have two boys, Jack who is 11 and Harry who is 7, They live half with me and half with their Mum. I am engaged to a beautiful woman and have been living with her for around a year now. She has a daughter who lives with us and two boys who stay with us in the school holidays. What else is there to say about me......ermmm.....oh yeah I love music it's a pretty big thing in my life and I play the drums. I also enjoy drawing and model making

I suppose you might want to know how I got into cross stitch. Well I was decorating my bedroom at the time. One day the boys and me popped into Hobbycraft (craft shop) for supplies for them. While looking around I saw a kit that I thought would go in my newly decorated room very nicely.  I picked up the kit had a look and thought 'I think I could do this' and that it really. Since making my facebook profile 'Tattoo'd cross stitch man' things have gotten out of control. I am now a serial starter with many WIP's on the go (more about them in the coming posts)

So that is me, hope you enjoy reading about my addiction