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Thursday, 14 August 2014

SLEEP!!! Who needs it

Here I am again still banging on about the stitchathon!.......last one I promise *lol*. So there's one thing I forgot to say on the last post, which sort of led me to where I am now. As you might remember I set up a 'undercover' FB page so none of my mates would find out about me stitching........well my girlfriend (Chelle) decided it would be a great idea to tell our local paper about what I was doing. Great idea I thought...........until they wanted not only to run the story but come round to interview me and take pictures!! As you can imagine that sent a wave of panic thru me........" it's a local paper..........all my friends are local...... and read the paper!!!" After a change of under crackers I sat and thought about it.......was I ready for 'coming out'.....could I do this?... I came to the conclusion that I would do anything to get Grace her trike and for her in general. ........Yep I really do love her that much! *such a soppy git*. So the paper came round and the rest is unimportant. I was 'out' as a stitcher and haven't looked back since!

Anyway where did I get to last time time.........oh yeah....... its was the Friday before the stitchathon  and the fund was already at just over a grand! The total need was about £1500.

So I had planned the weekend to be a weekend when Jack and Harry were at their mum's and Charis was staying around her nan's. As the boy's were being picked up at around 10 am, I decided that meant we could have breakfast together. that meant only one thing.......MACKIE D's!!!!!!!! On the way back from breakfast I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognise so I ignored it, Chelle then told me it was Dave (Grace's stepdad) and too answer it. It rang again straight this time I was getting really anxious and being the big girl I am I just couldn't answer it *lol*

Roll forward about 20 mins, the boys had gone and I was all set........I would say ready but i really wasn't. be honest I was getting very worried about if I could do it and if I would let everyone down! (remember by this time people had already donated a ton of cash!!!)

11 o'clock hit and it was on!! I stuck The fellowship of the rings on and got down to some serious stitching! The original plan was to take a pic every hour which was how I started but every time I went on to FB to post one I got stuck there for about 20 mins dealing with messages on the event page and inboxes. Thing's were going great....... actually better than great by the afternoon I had started to notice something pretty crazy going on. The event page had really taken a big way! People where chatting like it was just any group on Fb and making new friends which was really cool and what blew me away the most was they were sharing pics on the page.......not just of their stitching but of them watching the same films!! It was like a massive stitching group! All stitching together and chatting........cue massive smiles from me and a huge confidence boost........With everyone behind me I knew I could do it!!

A selection of pics from the 36 hrs

So a few high points for me through it were these...........obviously people joining me and sharing pics especially the ones with tv's in the background showing LOTR playing......eating a ton of sweets and junk *lol*..........people showing support and really making the whole thing so much more doable!!

 Some stand out memories for me was at 4 am when I didn't just hit the wall, I ran full speed straight into it repeatedly slamming my face into it, which then made it collapse on to me!!..........think I described that pretty spot hurt!! I popped onto the event page just to vent and post a pic of how bad I looked and to my surprise people were there chatting!! God I love different time zones, yep we had gone global people from the States, Australia and elsewhere (sorry if I missed your country out  *shocked but tired face*  Really can't tell you what that meant to me and altho I wasn't gonna quit....I'm a stubborn git when i wanna be (ask Chelle if you don't believe me) *lol*. those people will never really know what they did for me just being there!! 

Another one was at roughly 8 Sunday morning when the UK starting waking up, I started getting people messaging and saying HI. It felt like i had my crew back! It was at this point I really did KNOW I was gonna do it.......i felt wide awake again and then i got two messages that meant so much to me........first my niece Brooke sent a voice message saying "You can do it uncle Scott, Love you"...I'm not gonna pretend you all know I'm a big softie and I love my family so that was just amazing............Then i got a message from Helen...........this was it 

Morning Uncle Scott!
(I must admit I did tear up a bit (I blame the tiredness *lol*))

After that i knuckled down for another few hrs and the day past pretty much as before then i ran into another wall at about 5ish........this one not as bad but i was really starting to struggle now, so a quick bite to eat and a bath, both of which sorted by my missus who was just brilliant throughout the whole thing.........she didn't stay up all night tho she wimped out at about 12ish *lol*. I felt better after grub and a bath so back to it again.........roll forward until 9pm and I got a phone call from this time i got brave and answered him *LMAO*, what he said just freaked me out.......we had nearly done it........we were down to only needing around £100.......we chatted for about half hr by the time the call end it was only 30 odd quid i think........about ten minutes later he called back to say it had been reached.............the next 10 mins involved me wandering around the house swearing to myself and generally freaking out.......but i still had about 1 hr to go, so back to it I went........didn't really do much but I was stitching.........


I HAD DONE IT!!!!!!!



Grace on her very own Tomkat trike!!

just a couple more things

Dave made a really cool vid of the weekend pics which is so cool give it a watch if you want

Grace also has her own blog (mummy helps with the writing tho *lol*) which is

and lastly Dave made this well cool pic for me

So I think that is story of what happened........I have probably forgot loads
if you were there for it thank you 
all of you made it happen

So like my floss I'm going to get knotted

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

RAK me! I'm such a Lucky boy!

Now that all the stitchathon  stuff is over *everyone breaths a sigh of relief*, I suppose I should get back to what I have been up to recently......... I will start with one of my latest starts and that is Burlesque  from Tilton crafts

Tilton is one of my favourite designers with so many really cool charts............I can spend hours just drooling looking at all the charts I will never have time to stitch.......seriously they need to hurry up and find the elixir of life, they could make a fortune just of us stitchers *lol*........The artist of the chart is Tati and I totally love everything they have done, but something drew me to this! (Honestly not sure what it was *LMAO*)

I got sent this as a RAK from a friend on Facebook. ............actually talking about RAK'S that reminds me. For a newbie all the abreviations can be a bit confusing! I am starting to get them now but me being me, I giggled a lot when I first saw the statuses on Facebook saying things along the lines of  "Wow! Nothing like being RAK'ed first thing in the morning" *school boy sniggering*.......Yep even now it makes me laugh (so immature *LOL*). I suppose I should explain a RAK is a Random Act of Kindness, in the stitchy world that normally means someone buys someone else a chart, fabric or gift cards for certain sites. I have done a few myself now and it is such a good feeling when you can cheer someone up with an unexpected gift. My all time favourite misread status like this, is the one for BAP's (Big ass project). Trust me when I say I was laughing so much when I read this status " Just been looking at my BAP's, can't decide what I should do next! I will post pics and let you decide"...........well as you can probably tell I took that to mean something totally different and was looking forward to the pics *LOL* ( such a dirty mind!)

Sorry I went off on one then......where was I ....... that right I got RAK'ed this chart from a friend on Facebook.  This needed to be started instantly.......I couldn't just couldn't resist her charms *lol* So I jumped head first into fabric stash to grab a piece ......Lucky I found a piece big enough and got too work.

When working on these sort of charts I would normally start on page 1 (top left corner) this time tho I thought I would start in the middle......this may or may not of had something to do with the stocking clad lady being near the middle..........I'll let you decide on that *Lmao

Anyways I will leave you with the WIP pics

Oh and just a little tease for you, I have another new start planned (well maybe more than one! *heeheehe*), but this time i am gonna be attempting to cross country stitch the whole design.........not one page at a time but the whole thing one colour at a time!! Yeah Yeah I know .....I'm crazy. This is what I will be doing

It is from Lovethythread and called Pirate Lady

Following the theme of today's blog it was also RAK'ed to me by a Facebook friend.......I'm such a Lucky boy *lol*

Right that's it for another thrilling adventure in this Tattoo'd stitchers life *lol*

Time for me to get knotted


Saturday, 9 August 2014


Well here i am again, this time it the story of an idiot and a beautiful Bumblebee........(if that don't make sense to you, then where you been!!! *lol*). I suppose I should explain that Gracie can't talk but does make bumblebee buzzing sounds. A lot of you will know about it but I'm gonna bore you with it again!


So one day I was on facebook making an arse of myself like usual and I saw a post that changed me from the Tattoo'd hard man you all know.......(Yes I know none of you believe I am but please just humor me *lol*). Helen (Grace's Mum) had posted about Grace being accepted for a quilt from LOVEQUILTS UK, a charity who make quilts for serverely disabled kids. Some of you won't know who Grace is yet but this is how I found out about you can too *lol*. I clicked the link (at the time just coz I was nosey *lol*) and what I was greeted with was a pic and story that touched me in a way I can't explain! So this is the list of what makes Gracie special......(Sorry just couldn't write problems!), if you get thru all of that there will be a treat at the end.............A picture of the the most amazing smile I have seen!!!
Cortical Visual Impairment and Delay
No 3d Vision
Impaired Swallow
Severe Reflux
Severe Global Developmental Delay
Severe Kidney Disorder (unknown condition but degenerative)
Gastrostomy Fed
No communication Skills
Unable to Walk

and to add to all of that she also has the abilty to make a Tattoo'd hard man melt with one smile!!!! *lol*. Anyways if you made it thru all that here is the pic I promised you.

Gracie and her amazing smile,even now this pic gets me everytime!

So where was I.......... Oh yeah that's right, how I came up with my 'Crap' idea. So i read thru all of the page for Grace's quilt and really wanted to do one but as you can imagine the places went really fast. I was gutted but my life carried on for a number of weeks until I saw a post about Helen and Dave (step dad) trying to raise money for a highly specialised trike for Grace made especially for her by Tomcat Trikes. I looked at the post and thought to myself that someone should do something for this. Then I clicked the link saw her pic again and that was it....... I KNEW I HAD TO DO SOMETHING for her!!. It was just into the new year when I came up with my 'crap' idea......I know it seems silly saying that now but that is honestly how I felt about it. I had sat for ages trying to think about how to raise some cash and all I could come up with was stitching for 36hrs straight....YEP NO SLEEP!!!! So I messaged Helen asking if I could do it....obviously she said yes and as the fundrazr site was already up and running then there wasn't much really to organise. So a few days later I had sorted a date to do it and posted a status about doing it.......that was it no backing out now.

There was a few weeks between posting I was doing it and it happening so over the weeks people got to hear about it and donations started coming in almost straight away! Slowly at first but quickly things got going. Helen and me share a mutual friend on FB in Sarah Paine from PAINEFREECRAFTS.COM. After seeing what I was doing she very generously offer me a chart to stitch......Me being me didn't feel it was right to gain a chart out of it, so I asked Helen if there was one she would like for Grace. There was one she had wanted to stitch for Grace's room.....Snow angel by Raoul Vitale.

It was perfect as you can see from above pic and as Helen told me "It would be her guardian angel watching over her".......soppy cow *lol*.......So that was easy to sort, being pretty new to the stitching world I thought I'd grid up my evenweave to help with counting, coz at 4 a.m. after no sleep things could go slightly wrong! *LOL* I started stitching the grid before hand.......see some men are organised *lol*. Then someone popped up telling me they had some Magic guide 25ct after a long chat about what the hell she was talking about (really i know nothing! *LMAO*). I thought that would be a great help, then to my surprise she said she would send it to me....FREE!!! Straight after I got another message from Lisa who runs a Needleminder group on FB, offering to gift me one. So again she had to explain what the hell she was talking about.....(see I told I am an idiot!! I thought people just decorated their stitching with badges for fun *LMAO*). I now own a few needleminders and love them, I have two very special ones..........which I will show you soon!......check me out ......such a tease! *lol*. She picked out one for me which was Hagrid from Harry Potter (which I was gonna be watching thru the Stitchathon).

So lets check the checklist to see if i was ready
Films (The whole of Lord of the Rings (extended obvoiusly) and Harry Potter all the way thru)
Sweets and Treats
A Crate of energy drinks

Of course while all this was going on the donations kept coming and by the Friday before I was stitching we had hit just over the £1000 pound mark........SO MUCH FOR THE CRAP IDEA ALREADY OVER HALF WAY AND NOT A STITCH GONE IN!!!.............cue me panicking and worrying that I would let everyone down. So I think that takes us up to the day of the stitchathon its self.

So being the tease I am, I'm gonna leave it there and the next post will be about the 36hrs themselves.......I know a lot of you were there but your experience of it is totally different to mine.

Don't get your floss in a twist ......I'll be back soon to finish off the story

but as a last reason as to why I did this for a girl I had never met or maybe would never meet please watch this

Monday, 4 August 2014

Going Public.......Well sort of!!

This is the story of a man, his Girlfriend and her passion for what he did!

So as I have already said in an earlier post, I was doing Romantic Day for Charis. Chelle my then girlfriend (who has since managed to trap me.....well got engaged to me *lol*), was enjoying watching it grow. She had started saying how I should put pics on my facebook account. Well as you can imagine that was a BIG' FAT NO!! from me. How could I 'come out' to all my mates on facebook. Can you imagine the grief i'd get!!! *pauses for a second to let readers imagine* it just wasn't never gonna happen, but she kept on about it and after a while I was starting to think ' Hmmm, maybe I should share this'...........followed very quickly by 'Yeah like my mates don't take the piss enough' *lol*. This carried on for about 3 weeks I suppose, then one day I had an idea *shock and gasps erupt from the reading audenice LOL*..........what if I made a new account only for sharing Cross Stitch I sat for a while thinking *cue the smell of wood burning LOL*...........Yeah I would do it......I looked around for inspiration for a name, clearly couldn't use my own name it would be to easy to find me.....all of a sudden I thought about me being a man (well as close as I would ever get to being a man *lol*) and the fact I had tattoos......that was it!!!! I became ........(drum roll and a trumpet fanfare)...................Tattoo'd Cross Stitch Man!!!.......A legend was born! *LMAO*

After a few quizzical questions about me being real! people started adding me as a friend and I joined a few groups and shared my WIP's pics. People quickly accepted me as one of their own and my alter ego took on a life of his own. I instantly felt comfortable and made to feel welcome. Most people seem to like me and my humour (proves they should be committed *lol*) and things have just grow from there. I now have around 600 friends a lot of which actually talk to me and comment on my posts! I have met some very special people on Facebook who I hope will be around forever! (more on that in my next post) :-)

I have learnt loads from the people on there who kindly put up with me just being 'an idiotic man' (my word not theirs.....I hope *lol*). They have taught me about stitching on high count evenweave over only one thread, some pretty amzing charting companies (Paine Free, Tilton Crafts, Love Thy Thread and HAED ) and most of all they have taught me about enabling *LOL*

Disclaimer I have included links to aforementioned companies, Tattoo'd Cross Stitch Man or any real life personas will not be held liable for any over spending you may do. Please stitch responsibly

Right well I think that it from me.......same as always......anything you wanna know leave a comment and I will try and answer........unless to embarrassing *lol*

Catch you all on the backside

Chelle and Me

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The story of one becoming two

So this is how one became two (in more ways than one).....where do I start?? I suppose the beginning would be a good place.

*stereotypical tv wiggly lines used for transition of time*

Once upon a time, in a land very close to where I am now (well not land, a town *lol*). There lived a less Tattoo'd prince, who one night got set up on a blind date. The girl he met was very pretty and very funny. They embarked on a relationship which lasted only a short time and both moved on with their lives. As always happens in these cases both lead their lives separately but never forgot their time together.

*rolled forward 20yrs*

A slightly heavier Tattoo'd prince had divorced his wife and was living with his two men in waiting. One night he received a friend request on Facebook from a face he recognised but the name was slightly different. They started chatting and it turns out she was single too and after a while of chatting about the years between, it turns out things had been fairly similar for them! Things quickly changed for the princess in the life she was having to cope with and the prince being the person he is, he offered a place to stay for the princess and her daughter. After moving in they realised that the thing they had 20 years before was still there. Now they live together and will be happy ever after (well most of the time! *lol*)......well that enough of that! Just can't keep it up anymore *lol*

*switching back to normal chat*

After they moved in obviously we needed a new bedroom for Charis, so off I went decorating again (that is starting to be a theme with me *lol*). The boys were very happy to give up their toy room where they spent loads of time, so Charis could have a bedroom. At the time it was the coolest room in the house, I had made one wall look like an old school space invaders arcade game  (pic below). It was really hard to destory my hard work that i loved but i knew it would be worthwhile to take it down and replace with some girlie rubbish *lol*, so I sucked it up and got on with it. So after getting the room done in about a day, think I finished wallpapering at 1 in the morning! Just to make her feel more like it was her space.........I know, I know I'm such a lovely bloke *lol*. Obviously there were no pics on the wall at this point but it was done!

I decided I wanted to get her something for the wall as a moving in present (really just excuse for a new start *lol*). While sneaking around in Hobbycraft in case I got spotted, I saw Romantic Day by Lanartè and thought it would go great in the room. So readied my reasons for buying it, in case I got asked that the checkout *yep still too scared to admit I stitched*. No one asked *phew!* so I legged it out the shop as fast as possible. When I got home I showed Charis what I had got her. When she thought I brought it for her to do, I quickly had to make as many excuses as to why that might not be a good idea.....After long discussions she finally agreed *wipes sweat from brow and breaths a sigh of relief*. I opened up to take a look and make a little start on it

When I opened it I was surprised to see the threads had already been sorted and preloaded on to cards. The joy I felt then was amazing.....I hated doing that on the first and this one had more colours, so I had been thinking it was gonna be hrs of trying to work out if one was light or mid melon! *lol*. Next step I took the fabric out and well I just didn't know what was going on........It looked totally different to aida, after a short while of panicking and thinking "WTF! Is this stuff!!". I had to do the thing no man ever does.....yep read the instructions!..........yep I know I'm a disgrace to my sex! *hangs head in shame*. Turns out everything is fine, it was just evenweave. So I had learnt something from this new start already and I hadn't even put a stitch.....obviously meaning this was now justified *lol*. Anyways I threaded the needle and went to start, this piece is stitched over two threads with one strand of floss. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I got in the zone it felt really good. This also has full cross stitches on the girl and half stitches on the background....... Wow this was definitely worth the cash as I had learnt about evenweave, stitching over two threads and now half stitches *lol*.

Not really sure what else to say really apart from I have all the progress pics for this one and they are below.........oh and I suppose I should say Charis is still waiting for this to be finished......yeah I know maybe I should have let her do it after all *lol*

So that's me outta here again hope you enjoyed this. Plz leave comments if you wanna know anything else or just abuse me for still not getting it done and making Charis wait. Don't be to rude tho, I'm a delicate soul.........yeah course I am!! Be as rude as you want it's all good *LMAO*