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Monday, 4 August 2014

Going Public.......Well sort of!!

This is the story of a man, his Girlfriend and her passion for what he did!

So as I have already said in an earlier post, I was doing Romantic Day for Charis. Chelle my then girlfriend (who has since managed to trap me.....well got engaged to me *lol*), was enjoying watching it grow. She had started saying how I should put pics on my facebook account. Well as you can imagine that was a BIG' FAT NO!! from me. How could I 'come out' to all my mates on facebook. Can you imagine the grief i'd get!!! *pauses for a second to let readers imagine* it just wasn't never gonna happen, but she kept on about it and after a while I was starting to think ' Hmmm, maybe I should share this'...........followed very quickly by 'Yeah like my mates don't take the piss enough' *lol*. This carried on for about 3 weeks I suppose, then one day I had an idea *shock and gasps erupt from the reading audenice LOL*..........what if I made a new account only for sharing Cross Stitch I sat for a while thinking *cue the smell of wood burning LOL*...........Yeah I would do it......I looked around for inspiration for a name, clearly couldn't use my own name it would be to easy to find me.....all of a sudden I thought about me being a man (well as close as I would ever get to being a man *lol*) and the fact I had tattoos......that was it!!!! I became ........(drum roll and a trumpet fanfare)...................Tattoo'd Cross Stitch Man!!!.......A legend was born! *LMAO*

After a few quizzical questions about me being real! people started adding me as a friend and I joined a few groups and shared my WIP's pics. People quickly accepted me as one of their own and my alter ego took on a life of his own. I instantly felt comfortable and made to feel welcome. Most people seem to like me and my humour (proves they should be committed *lol*) and things have just grow from there. I now have around 600 friends a lot of which actually talk to me and comment on my posts! I have met some very special people on Facebook who I hope will be around forever! (more on that in my next post) :-)

I have learnt loads from the people on there who kindly put up with me just being 'an idiotic man' (my word not theirs.....I hope *lol*). They have taught me about stitching on high count evenweave over only one thread, some pretty amzing charting companies (Paine Free, Tilton Crafts, Love Thy Thread and HAED ) and most of all they have taught me about enabling *LOL*

Disclaimer I have included links to aforementioned companies, Tattoo'd Cross Stitch Man or any real life personas will not be held liable for any over spending you may do. Please stitch responsibly

Right well I think that it from me.......same as always......anything you wanna know leave a comment and I will try and answer........unless to embarrassing *lol*

Catch you all on the backside

Chelle and Me