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Saturday, 9 August 2014


Well here i am again, this time it the story of an idiot and a beautiful Bumblebee........(if that don't make sense to you, then where you been!!! *lol*). I suppose I should explain that Gracie can't talk but does make bumblebee buzzing sounds. A lot of you will know about it but I'm gonna bore you with it again!


So one day I was on facebook making an arse of myself like usual and I saw a post that changed me from the Tattoo'd hard man you all know.......(Yes I know none of you believe I am but please just humor me *lol*). Helen (Grace's Mum) had posted about Grace being accepted for a quilt from LOVEQUILTS UK, a charity who make quilts for serverely disabled kids. Some of you won't know who Grace is yet but this is how I found out about you can too *lol*. I clicked the link (at the time just coz I was nosey *lol*) and what I was greeted with was a pic and story that touched me in a way I can't explain! So this is the list of what makes Gracie special......(Sorry just couldn't write problems!), if you get thru all of that there will be a treat at the end.............A picture of the the most amazing smile I have seen!!!
Cortical Visual Impairment and Delay
No 3d Vision
Impaired Swallow
Severe Reflux
Severe Global Developmental Delay
Severe Kidney Disorder (unknown condition but degenerative)
Gastrostomy Fed
No communication Skills
Unable to Walk

and to add to all of that she also has the abilty to make a Tattoo'd hard man melt with one smile!!!! *lol*. Anyways if you made it thru all that here is the pic I promised you.

Gracie and her amazing smile,even now this pic gets me everytime!

So where was I.......... Oh yeah that's right, how I came up with my 'Crap' idea. So i read thru all of the page for Grace's quilt and really wanted to do one but as you can imagine the places went really fast. I was gutted but my life carried on for a number of weeks until I saw a post about Helen and Dave (step dad) trying to raise money for a highly specialised trike for Grace made especially for her by Tomcat Trikes. I looked at the post and thought to myself that someone should do something for this. Then I clicked the link saw her pic again and that was it....... I KNEW I HAD TO DO SOMETHING for her!!. It was just into the new year when I came up with my 'crap' idea......I know it seems silly saying that now but that is honestly how I felt about it. I had sat for ages trying to think about how to raise some cash and all I could come up with was stitching for 36hrs straight....YEP NO SLEEP!!!! So I messaged Helen asking if I could do it....obviously she said yes and as the fundrazr site was already up and running then there wasn't much really to organise. So a few days later I had sorted a date to do it and posted a status about doing it.......that was it no backing out now.

There was a few weeks between posting I was doing it and it happening so over the weeks people got to hear about it and donations started coming in almost straight away! Slowly at first but quickly things got going. Helen and me share a mutual friend on FB in Sarah Paine from PAINEFREECRAFTS.COM. After seeing what I was doing she very generously offer me a chart to stitch......Me being me didn't feel it was right to gain a chart out of it, so I asked Helen if there was one she would like for Grace. There was one she had wanted to stitch for Grace's room.....Snow angel by Raoul Vitale.

It was perfect as you can see from above pic and as Helen told me "It would be her guardian angel watching over her".......soppy cow *lol*.......So that was easy to sort, being pretty new to the stitching world I thought I'd grid up my evenweave to help with counting, coz at 4 a.m. after no sleep things could go slightly wrong! *LOL* I started stitching the grid before hand.......see some men are organised *lol*. Then someone popped up telling me they had some Magic guide 25ct after a long chat about what the hell she was talking about (really i know nothing! *LMAO*). I thought that would be a great help, then to my surprise she said she would send it to me....FREE!!! Straight after I got another message from Lisa who runs a Needleminder group on FB, offering to gift me one. So again she had to explain what the hell she was talking about.....(see I told I am an idiot!! I thought people just decorated their stitching with badges for fun *LMAO*). I now own a few needleminders and love them, I have two very special ones..........which I will show you soon!......check me out ......such a tease! *lol*. She picked out one for me which was Hagrid from Harry Potter (which I was gonna be watching thru the Stitchathon).

So lets check the checklist to see if i was ready
Films (The whole of Lord of the Rings (extended obvoiusly) and Harry Potter all the way thru)
Sweets and Treats
A Crate of energy drinks

Of course while all this was going on the donations kept coming and by the Friday before I was stitching we had hit just over the £1000 pound mark........SO MUCH FOR THE CRAP IDEA ALREADY OVER HALF WAY AND NOT A STITCH GONE IN!!!.............cue me panicking and worrying that I would let everyone down. So I think that takes us up to the day of the stitchathon its self.

So being the tease I am, I'm gonna leave it there and the next post will be about the 36hrs themselves.......I know a lot of you were there but your experience of it is totally different to mine.

Don't get your floss in a twist ......I'll be back soon to finish off the story

but as a last reason as to why I did this for a girl I had never met or maybe would never meet please watch this