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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

RAK me! I'm such a Lucky boy!

Now that all the stitchathon  stuff is over *everyone breaths a sigh of relief*, I suppose I should get back to what I have been up to recently......... I will start with one of my latest starts and that is Burlesque  from Tilton crafts

Tilton is one of my favourite designers with so many really cool charts............I can spend hours just drooling looking at all the charts I will never have time to stitch.......seriously they need to hurry up and find the elixir of life, they could make a fortune just of us stitchers *lol*........The artist of the chart is Tati and I totally love everything they have done, but something drew me to this! (Honestly not sure what it was *LMAO*)

I got sent this as a RAK from a friend on Facebook. ............actually talking about RAK'S that reminds me. For a newbie all the abreviations can be a bit confusing! I am starting to get them now but me being me, I giggled a lot when I first saw the statuses on Facebook saying things along the lines of  "Wow! Nothing like being RAK'ed first thing in the morning" *school boy sniggering*.......Yep even now it makes me laugh (so immature *LOL*). I suppose I should explain a RAK is a Random Act of Kindness, in the stitchy world that normally means someone buys someone else a chart, fabric or gift cards for certain sites. I have done a few myself now and it is such a good feeling when you can cheer someone up with an unexpected gift. My all time favourite misread status like this, is the one for BAP's (Big ass project). Trust me when I say I was laughing so much when I read this status " Just been looking at my BAP's, can't decide what I should do next! I will post pics and let you decide"...........well as you can probably tell I took that to mean something totally different and was looking forward to the pics *LOL* ( such a dirty mind!)

Sorry I went off on one then......where was I ....... that right I got RAK'ed this chart from a friend on Facebook.  This needed to be started instantly.......I couldn't just couldn't resist her charms *lol* So I jumped head first into fabric stash to grab a piece ......Lucky I found a piece big enough and got too work.

When working on these sort of charts I would normally start on page 1 (top left corner) this time tho I thought I would start in the middle......this may or may not of had something to do with the stocking clad lady being near the middle..........I'll let you decide on that *Lmao

Anyways I will leave you with the WIP pics

Oh and just a little tease for you, I have another new start planned (well maybe more than one! *heeheehe*), but this time i am gonna be attempting to cross country stitch the whole design.........not one page at a time but the whole thing one colour at a time!! Yeah Yeah I know .....I'm crazy. This is what I will be doing

It is from Lovethythread and called Pirate Lady

Following the theme of today's blog it was also RAK'ed to me by a Facebook friend.......I'm such a Lucky boy *lol*

Right that's it for another thrilling adventure in this Tattoo'd stitchers life *lol*

Time for me to get knotted