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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The story of one becoming two

So this is how one became two (in more ways than one).....where do I start?? I suppose the beginning would be a good place.

*stereotypical tv wiggly lines used for transition of time*

Once upon a time, in a land very close to where I am now (well not land, a town *lol*). There lived a less Tattoo'd prince, who one night got set up on a blind date. The girl he met was very pretty and very funny. They embarked on a relationship which lasted only a short time and both moved on with their lives. As always happens in these cases both lead their lives separately but never forgot their time together.

*rolled forward 20yrs*

A slightly heavier Tattoo'd prince had divorced his wife and was living with his two men in waiting. One night he received a friend request on Facebook from a face he recognised but the name was slightly different. They started chatting and it turns out she was single too and after a while of chatting about the years between, it turns out things had been fairly similar for them! Things quickly changed for the princess in the life she was having to cope with and the prince being the person he is, he offered a place to stay for the princess and her daughter. After moving in they realised that the thing they had 20 years before was still there. Now they live together and will be happy ever after (well most of the time! *lol*)......well that enough of that! Just can't keep it up anymore *lol*

*switching back to normal chat*

After they moved in obviously we needed a new bedroom for Charis, so off I went decorating again (that is starting to be a theme with me *lol*). The boys were very happy to give up their toy room where they spent loads of time, so Charis could have a bedroom. At the time it was the coolest room in the house, I had made one wall look like an old school space invaders arcade game  (pic below). It was really hard to destory my hard work that i loved but i knew it would be worthwhile to take it down and replace with some girlie rubbish *lol*, so I sucked it up and got on with it. So after getting the room done in about a day, think I finished wallpapering at 1 in the morning! Just to make her feel more like it was her space.........I know, I know I'm such a lovely bloke *lol*. Obviously there were no pics on the wall at this point but it was done!

I decided I wanted to get her something for the wall as a moving in present (really just excuse for a new start *lol*). While sneaking around in Hobbycraft in case I got spotted, I saw Romantic Day by Lanartè and thought it would go great in the room. So readied my reasons for buying it, in case I got asked that the checkout *yep still too scared to admit I stitched*. No one asked *phew!* so I legged it out the shop as fast as possible. When I got home I showed Charis what I had got her. When she thought I brought it for her to do, I quickly had to make as many excuses as to why that might not be a good idea.....After long discussions she finally agreed *wipes sweat from brow and breaths a sigh of relief*. I opened up to take a look and make a little start on it

When I opened it I was surprised to see the threads had already been sorted and preloaded on to cards. The joy I felt then was amazing.....I hated doing that on the first and this one had more colours, so I had been thinking it was gonna be hrs of trying to work out if one was light or mid melon! *lol*. Next step I took the fabric out and well I just didn't know what was going on........It looked totally different to aida, after a short while of panicking and thinking "WTF! Is this stuff!!". I had to do the thing no man ever does.....yep read the instructions!..........yep I know I'm a disgrace to my sex! *hangs head in shame*. Turns out everything is fine, it was just evenweave. So I had learnt something from this new start already and I hadn't even put a stitch.....obviously meaning this was now justified *lol*. Anyways I threaded the needle and went to start, this piece is stitched over two threads with one strand of floss. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I got in the zone it felt really good. This also has full cross stitches on the girl and half stitches on the background....... Wow this was definitely worth the cash as I had learnt about evenweave, stitching over two threads and now half stitches *lol*.

Not really sure what else to say really apart from I have all the progress pics for this one and they are below.........oh and I suppose I should say Charis is still waiting for this to be finished......yeah I know maybe I should have let her do it after all *lol*

So that's me outta here again hope you enjoyed this. Plz leave comments if you wanna know anything else or just abuse me for still not getting it done and making Charis wait. Don't be to rude tho, I'm a delicate soul.........yeah course I am!! Be as rude as you want it's all good *LMAO*