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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hi Honey i'm home!! LOL


Its been ages since I last posted on here........Have you missed me?........Yeah yeah whatever! Lol

So what have I been up to recently........well actually loads!!! I'm gonna give you a quick run down about stuff and some of it is pretty exciting.....(well for me at least lol)

So first off Chelle's boys came down to stay with us for 3 weeks in the summer. It's great to have all the kids around but I like quite time and time on my own......which is pretty much impossible when there is 5 kids in the house. Then it was my birthday and it was brilliant, I couldn't believe what happened! Lots of my Facebook friends sent me cards and presents and of course a few new charts.......The kids were calling me Facebook famous all day lol.

Right so I suppose I should talk cross stitch for a while, I had a new start which if I remember rightly I started on my birthday......I think it should be the law to have a new start on your birthday or any other big event for that matter!!

I have been looking at trying out cross country stitching recently, which is where you stitch all of one colour in the chart before starting the next...........people normally do this one page at a time.......well me bring the idiot I am, I have decided to stitch one colour across the whole 35 page chart!! This could go horrible wrong LMAO

This is what I have picked to start on, it is from Colour Cascade Fabrics and called Girlie sketch #6.
Colour Cascade do some amazing charts and if your into your hand dyed fabric, then you could lose a few hrs if not days just by clicking this link >>>>ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!<<<<
I took one look at it and knew it would look great growing colour by colour and got on it straight away. Being the impatient bloke I am, I printed the chart and got down to some serious highlighting!

Now for those of you who don't cross country but maybe want to try. What you do is this, highlight all of your chosen first stitch (I would suggest a dark colour and one there is a lot of). Highlight with a light colour like yellow to mark that it is one to stitch and knock it off with a darker one when stitched to make it easy to see when done.......... OOo get me playing teacher LOL.

Anyway I got started marking off the Black and after what was quite a long time (LOL) I was ready to stitch and off I went

After about 2 nights I realised how much faster I was stitching and how I was actually loving stitching this way

and by the time I'd reached the end of my rotation time on this I knew I would never stitch my old way again!! I ended up doing 5 and a half pages of the black and definitely think it will be interesting to watch growing like this 

That's me checking out now but I will be back VERY soon with some amazing things that have come about and it has to do with Gracie again :-)
just a little clue it involves needles in more ways than one :-)

so that's me off