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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Getting stung by a bumblebee

As some of you might already know, I draw. I mainly draw tattoo designs and after I had finished the stitchathon, I decided I wanted to mark the achievement and also tell the world I stitched!......that's right I had lost my caring what my mates or anyone else thinks of me and my stitching! It took me ages to get an idea I really liked and wanted to wear forever

After quite a few months I was just doodling and came up with an old dagger and heart design (not for any reason I was just killing time). I had already had a plan for my ink but somehow I looked at it and just knew what I needed to do. So I swapped out the dagger for a needle, made the scroll change into the thread and ran it through the eye of the needle. The writing in the scroll was easy! It was as much for Grace as it was for me, so after many hours of trying to get the script right I had this........

All it needed now was a bumblebee..........and boy did I struggle with that!!! I mean seriously what are bumblebee's? They are just a ball of hair with wings! After a few hrs of trying and not even coming close to anything other than very dodgy looking clip art cartoon looking ones......I freaked out and snapped all my pencils.... (I didn't really but bloody felt like it *lol*)

While having a break an idea hit me.....yep every now and then it happens *lmao*... While designing I uploaded progress pics to Facebook and people were saying how good it would be to stitch it and that got me thinking. While I can't chart and didn't really see a way of that happening I did know I could get custom needleminders done........Coz I had got some done of the pics of Grace and me when we finally met.

I spoke to Lisa at the No More Lost Needles group on Facebook where I get my minders from. She has loads of designs and offers a great service........and tries to get whatever you here for link. I ask her if she thought making these designs into minders and selling them for Grace would be a good idea......of course it was a good idea it was mine! *lmao*. So after a little chat we decided on a price of £3.50 + p & p. ...With a pound going straight to Gracie's fund........this is what they look like

If you would like one please feel free to hit the link above and order one or all of them :-)

After the needleminders came out I was offered the opportunity of it being charted by Painefree crafts and it being sold for Gracie too.......I was pretty blown away by the offer and agreed straight away! There is also a Facebook group set up by Grace's mum who is making scissor fobs and bits....... again feel free to join the group >>>Here <<< and have a look about. If there is anything you are after just ask and Helen will do her best to find it for you. If you would like a chart, then they are £6. If you join the group and asked for payment details that would be great :-)

So anyway back to more manly things like tattoo's. ......So as I said I was struggling big time with drawing a bee, in the end I got the tattooist to do it for me......mainly so I could just get it inked.......I was getting impatient *lol*. I had decided to get it on the inside bicep on my right arm..... just felt right with that being my stitching arm. 

So the day arrived and I had been getting lots of grief from my right shoulder all week so I had a feeling this was gonna hurt!! I got in the chair and got comfy  (which wasn't easy with my shoulder playing up). After about an hr, the outline was done .......

After a short break for a smoke and to move my shoulder around. He got back on with the colour, after having the break everything had started getting sore! Still wasn't the worst pain I have ever had getting inked. With it being near the armpit I knew it wouldn't be easy but it was easier than I about an hr and a half later, I had this permanently inked into my skin....... no more hiding from friends.........I CROSS STITCH WHAT THE F@#K YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!! *lmao*

 I think they call this nailing your colours lol

So that's me outta here for a bit