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Friday, 21 November 2014

Snow Angel the update

I suppose it's about time I updated you all on Snow Angel progress. As some of you will remember I started this as part of an event to raise money to get a beautiful little girl a highly specialised trike back in January of this year. For the event I stitch for 36HRS with no sleep., but that is enough of that!! This is about where I finished after 36hrs.

I was kindly donated the chart by Sarah at, so as I felt funny about making anything out of the event I decided to stitch it for Grace. I have been working on it now 10 months....  but as I can't stop 'New starting' it hasn't been a solid 10 months.


Altho I love this piece and it means so much to me, as all stitchers will tell you sometimes you get an itch you just can't scratch *lol*. In between starting Angel and now I have probably had 18 new starts *holy sh#t that is nearly 2 a month!* Lol. I have always felt a pull back to this, if I am honest sometimes only because of who it is for *heart melts while thinking of Gracie's smile and cuddles*
It really is a nice piece to work on and as soon as I saw the wings emerging, I knew how great it was gonna look.

 As a stitch it's not to confetti heavy, altho the wings can be a pain in the bum at times as the colours can be very similar. Quite often I think to myself "what is the point it looks the same as this one" but once you get a section done the blending is amazing and it is so worth all the hassle of the extra colours :-)

A pretty big moment for me was getting the top row of the chart done. I have recently changed how I stitch from just filling in as I go to cross country stitching. The change of method has speeded me up on end and definitely works well for me. So now I am cross country stitch a whole row at a time. I love seeing it grow this way.

I am now completely back in love with this again. I still do work on some of my others stitches (and had new starts lol) but this is definitely my main piece now and will be until completed and hanging on Grace's bedroom wall, watching over her :-)

Talking of new starts I had one this week which I will post about soon........ I'm so happy about this and is probably the only one I truly want to hang :-)...*building the hype*.......... but I'll tell you all about one of my others love next time

Catch you all later