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Monday, 15 December 2014

A night with the orchestra

So here I am again, it's has been a good few weeks for me....... not counting being ill right now *cough cough*. Yep man flu has invaded.... Plz don't worry about me, I will fight my way thru it. It's gonna be hard but I am strong *cough cough* lol.
So what's been happening over the last few weeks..... well not loads but some stitching, a visit to see Gracie and family for a brilliant night that Chelle played a part in, I suppose you want more info on that and as this is me just rambling on, I will indulge your desire for knowledge *lol*.
As I have said in a previous post, Helen is raising money to make some special memories for Bumblebee. Which my tattoo design has been made into needleminders and a chart (both still available and the chart can still be yours for Christmas via email) *shameless plug*. If interested plz leave a comment and I will tell you how to get the chart and needleminders are available from the 'No more lost needles group on Facebook >>>click here <<< and also Helen is making scissor fobs >>>click here for Facebook group<<< .......Right I think that is all the selling from me...... on with the blog *lol*.
So as I said Helen is doing a 'Hive of Activities' list...... see what she did there 'Hive' and Grace's nickname is Bumblebee, so clever *lol*. Michelle loves her music and wanted Grace to experience it too, an idea stuck her about getting Grace to see, hear and and feel an orchestra. So she emailed Gloucester Symphony Orchestra and much to her surprise they emailed back within 10 mins and they loved the idea. They said that they rehearse most Tuesday nights and Grace and family would be very welcome. So after a few emails back and fore a date was set. Much to our surprise Helen and Family said that we could go (which obviously we accepted straight away) mainly because I wanted to spend time with Grace...... ermmm I mean the family *lol* ...... seriously tho they are very close to my heart now and part of my family.
Gracie and Me
Tickle Monster and Me
saying hello
So the day arrived and off we went, driving up wasn't very interesting (well apart from an panicked toilet break..... eh Chelle?) *lol*. We arrived around 1 in the afternoon, had a cuppa and a quick catch up. Then it was time for them to get the kids from school..... Chelle went with Helen to get Grace and their older daughter and I went with Dave to get the Tickle Monster....... I was a tiny bit gutted coz I couldn't wait to see Grace again but hey Tickle Monster is a proper little dude and I love him to bits too. After we got back to the house we had some time to kill which meant me trying to get as many cuddles as Grace could give and Tickle Monster earning his name with plenty of tickle fight.... it was time to go.

Tickle Monster in a rare moment of not tickling......but probably just about too *lol*
 We got their a bit early *cue me freezing to death coz I am an idiot who didn't bring a coat* well that was until Dave was a gentleman and gave me his, which I promptly got lost in (he is massive, and I really am not lol). As it was cold we asked if we could go inside and wait..... They were lovely and said it was cool. While we were waiting for everyone to arrived one lady impressed Tickle monster (and me!) by playing the Scooby Doo theme tune on what I think was a clarinet!!

Grace loving the tunes
After a short time everyone was there and set up. They had been told that Grace loved Fantasia, so they had quickly learned a few pieces just for her. There was a lot of highlights that night but watching Grace start moving around to the music nearly made I eyes leak again *lol*. I have to say that the orchestra were brilliant and did everything possible to make us feel not only welcome but a part of the night. Which included letting us try different instruments like the french horn which I was amazing at, but poor Tickle Monster couldn't get a peep out of............. oh wait hold on that was the other way around *lmao*. Tickle Monster surprised everyone by getting an amazing note out of it on his first go and even better on his second....... Me on the other hand couldn't even make it squeak.......obviously I could of if I wanted but didn't want Tickle Monster to feel silly * looks around hoping people believe him* LMAO. Their older daughter who is learning piano joined in on a few songs and the rest of us had percussion bits and bobs to play with. Tickle Monster even join in the orchestra by sitting next to the flutist with his tambourine. Grace played with the double bass and loved the vibrations it made..... All in all it was a brilliant evening with a bunch of very talented and lovely people.

Tickle Monster in the orchestra
We all enjoy our night and Chelle and me had a great couple of days that went by far to fast. It was great to spend time with my extended family and share in their special evening, but our time had come to an end and home we went again.
So that was that really, nothing more to add I don't think......... well apart from two more people have heard me sleep talking in the morning *gulp* ....... and no that is all you are getting on that *lol*
So that is me for another post, I will try and do another in the next couple of days. It will definitely be a stitchy one and if your lucky I might even try and get a pic of every work in progress I have....... it could be a long one

Laters everyone

Oh and don't forget about charts, minders and fobs * last minute sales pitch*

Sunday, 7 December 2014

And yet another new start

Yes I have new started again, I know your shocked about that but this one is amazing! So let me tell you about it and one of my other loves.......MUSIC!
I have a massive musical taste and listen to pretty much everything but there is one band I have been listening to was about 13.... which is about *cough muffled voice * 25 years now. For those of you now trying to work out the maths..  that makes me 38 *lol*. That band is The Levellers, they are a UK based punk/folk outfit. There music is politically motivated in the words they sing but also very upbeat and happy tunes. The first song of theirs I heard was 'Carry me' <<<< Click for song.......and I was hooked. The more I listened the more I found that they sang words I believed in.
I have seen them live to many times to count and that is where they are that their best. They are a live band that just party on stage. It is clear when you see them do their thing that they love what they do and you can't help dancing and jumping around like a loon *lol*. If you get chance you really need to check them out.........their You Tube channel is here >>>>>>THE LEVELLERS<<<<<<
A few weeks ago Michelle (my other half) and me went to see them. It was 'Chelle's first time and she is now a fan! We had an amazing time right down the front and I came out an absolute sweaty mess with a huge smile! So when we got home an idea hit me....... I wanna stitch some Levellers artwork
 Just a few pics from the gig
After a short sleep (late night after still being pumped after gig lol) i went off to work. By the time lunchtime had come round I had decide I wanted to do the 'Carry Me' artwork and I wanted it to do it so it ended up being the 12 inch single size.
I have two members of the band on my friends list on Facebook, so I fired off a quick message to Matt (Keyboards) to ask for to write to for permission to use their art. Too my surprise he spoke to Jez (founder, bass player and artist), who gave me permission straight away *cue little boy grin*
The next step was getting the pic converted, so I got in touch with Sarah from Painefree crafts. Luckily for me it was just a one colour chart and she managed to get it done that night *cue even bigger grin and rushing around to find some 28ct to stitch it on!*
I found the fabric and as you can probably imagine started it instantly. As you know I have a lot of WIP's on the go but this is the only one I actually wanna hang in my house (all my others I love the art but i like the process of stitching more than the hanging of the end product........does that sound odd?? Probably as I am a bit odd *lol*. So this is the progress so far on it.

 I haven't done much as Snow Angel has still grabbed me by the throat and demanding I stitch her *lol*
So that is me done for another post, hopefully I will get round to another before Christmas. If I don't then i wish you all a very happy Christmas and a very stitchy New Year!!